Thank you for stopping by! Here at ALL-Things COMputers, we are here to share with you the power of your computer system.

We will train you and your staff, or if you want, we will do the work for you.

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What we do (Computer Training and IT Consulting)

60% of our time is spent transferring our knowledge to people like you. Most people call this computer training. To date we have taught over 250 software titles including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, msAccess, msProject, VBA, Sharpoint, OneNote, Visio. We also offer dedicated Pivot Table training.

40% of our business is doing your work for you (Consulting/Development). We have completed dozens of successful projects for many of the Federal Government departments here in the NCR.

Within the msOffice environment, we currently focus on office 2010, 2007 and 2003. We also teach a lot of Web to Database to Web.

More details about us

Whether you need discreet, one on one, Executive Training in the privacy of your office or residence, or you have a team of 20 administrative assistants who would like to become more efficient in their daily tasks, we will set up an ideal training program to give you an "understanding of your software environment".

We will find out what YOU need to get done, and then teach you how to get it done. People still tend to look at a computer as a fancy type-writer; it is SO, SO MUCH MORE!

When you bought msOffice, you bought a suite of tools. They can work in concert to get all-things done more efficiently, faster and with less mistakes than you would ever believe. Work flow, communications and procedural documentation can all be improved with a better understanding of the tools and capabilities laying dormant in the software you already own.

Get Things Done (ALL-Things)

Training at your site: Many companies spend over $350.00 per day per person when they send staff out on training. That means you can get a much better ROI to bring Craig into your shop even if you have only 2 students who need training. The course can then be set up to be as specific as possible to your work needs instead of the plain vanilla training you get at those downtown training companies.

Virtual Classroom: If you have staff in different locations, we are happy to do "Cloud training" where we meet in a virtual space and you see my screen live and hear me speak over conference call or VoIP. This is best suited to power users who are computer savvy and are learning a more technical software such as web or database. This has sometimes intimidated weaker students who prefer to have the instructor in the room with them.

At our location: Several clients have enjoyed dedicated one on one training from the friendly ambiance of my home, in the community of Stonebridge located near Manotick.


Get all-things done faster, more efficiently and more accurately. Invest some money today and recover costs for years to come. Your staff will be more productive, less frustrated and more motivated to tackle that next project. Don't forget that we would be only too happy to come and automate your processes for you.